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Rob asks if there is a lot of trash talk about Elissa in the house since she has left.

Brian confirms that it is true, other than immediately following the veto competition.

Brian reports that many people have been tweeting that they are no longer watching the show, considering who is left.

Rob feels that it will still be an exciting conclusion to the season.

Brian explains how they were going to flush a piece of cake with the likeness of Elissa on it down the toilet.

Danielle isn’t certain why they are being so extreme about Elissa, other than it is how they know how to celebrate someone other than themselves being evicted.

Danielle doesn’t like Andy’s game play but agrees that his game is on point and well played.

Sunday – Breaking Bad LIVE with Antonio Mazzaro Monday – Shane Dawson Podcast Tuesday – The 5 Best and 5 Worst new Fall TV Shows with Terry Terrones Tuesday – Time Out with T. Wednesday LIVE @ pm ET – Extra BBBraniacs with Ian Terry Thursday LIVE @ pm ET – BBBraniacs with Ian Terry Friday – Danielle Reyes Podcast Danielle shares that all the people she was rooting for are now gone, with Elissa Slater being the last one.His reasoning seems to be twofold — either they’ll get together for real and be seen as a huge threat because they’re a real duo, thereby making it easier for Dan to get Shane out, or (and he has already started doing this) Dan can use Shane’s reticence at hooking up with Danielle to play on her crazy emotions and make her an ally in the get-out-Shane plan.He’s already laying the groundwork for that second part and Shane is helping him out by acting like he wants a showmance with Danielle, then not following through. It was a great move for Dan, because Jenn was in no real danger of going home this week, so he gets to repay her and look like a good guy without really having an effect on the game. Frank and Jenn are falling for it all, hook, line and sinker.They have spent most of the week so far sitting around, patting themselves on the back and plotting their final 4 deal with either Dan/Dani or Dani/Shane. So Frank is probably in for quite the rude awakening on Thursday when his butt goes home by a vote of 3-1.

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And she’s just desperate to make out with Shane, so his rebuffs really irk her. We honestly can’t say we’d be the least bit mad to see him win the money again and this on top of not even wanting any veterans being allowed back into the game anymore.

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