Brent smith dating lzzy hale

Although an acoustic version of "Remember Everything" could have taken top honors as the winningest moment in the set, the fan who crowdsurfed in his wheelchair quickly superceded anything just seen.

The sun nearly set on headliner Shinedown but not before singer Brent Smith had his moment in the light.

Although much as been made of the singer's ability to be a nimble Axl Rose, Kennedy's interpretations of "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Paradise City" put the nail in the coffin for naysayers and, more importantly, the singer revived the comradery so long missing from the Gn R front.

Slash held his corner of the stage, top hat and sunglasses in tow like his very own Toussad wax figure.

Dressed in up-to-here hot pants and a white lightning leather jacket, Hale oozes appeal in every manner of the word but no more than her gutsy lyrics that don't browbeat romantic swooning like other dimensionless lady crooners.Singer Tyler Connolly was more robot than rockabilly as he went through the motions of playing fan favorites "Lowlife", "Bitch Came Back", and new single "Hurricane".Maybe the 90-degree temps were a bit much for the Canadians as the only engines that fired up were on Connolly's motorcycle that he quite literally rode off on, through the Columbus Crew tunnel. and Jagermeister, became a spectacle in itself after mining the lines of people staking the concourse for bathrooms and Bud Light.Kyng and In This Moment were notables on the Jagermeister Stage -- for opposite reasons.California trio Kyng curb checked the pomp and circumstance, letting their blues-tinged thrashing speak for itself.

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  2. Wednesday Evening – Men’s (9 holes) Contacts: Steve (Stump) Peterson Start date: April 2017 Start time: PM to PM Number of golfers: 24 to 28 Particulars: Rotate 9’s very week.