Dating a hohner marine band harmonica

First, the original Marine Band harmonicas are now called the "Marine Band 1896 Classic" I could be wrong, but I don't believe the "Classic" designation was present before.

Updates to the harmonica itself include a "newly designed triple-coated pear wood comb".

Marine Band Classic, A-major from Hohner Hohner is committed to continually improving and upgrading quality in the tried and proven product lines.

Players can further enhance these sounds by shaking...

The traditional Richter blues harmonica dating back over 100 years!

Pearwood comb, brass reed plates secured with nails, nickel plated covers with special form and side openings to ensure warm, bluesy sound.

Perhaps an improved comb may make a difference in high end playing and bending response.

I suspect the real issue is with the reedplates however.

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• New reed profiles ensure longer reed life and reduce breakage.

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