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In the 1960s, there were 3,587 Filipinos in Illinois, the population increased to 12,654 in 1970 and 43,889 in 1980, growing at a pace greater than the national average and made up largely of professionals and their families.

In 2011, four percent of all Filipino immigrants in the United States resided in the Honolulu metro area, and were 43 percent of all immigrants in the Honolulu metro area as well; this population make up the majority of Filipino immigrants in Hawaii, who are 6 percent of all Filipino immigrants in the United States.On average, Filipino Americans earn a higher average household income than the national average, and achieve a higher level of education than the national average. Life expectancy for Filipino Americans is higher than the general population of the United States; however, survival rates of Filipino Americans diagnosed with cancer are lower than European Americans and African Americans. Among Asian Americans, Filipino Americans are the most integrated in the American society, who are described by University of California, Santa Barbara Professor Pei-te Lien as being "acculturated and economically incorporated".as of 2011, there are 1,813,597 Philippines-born immigrants living in the United States, who are 4.5 percent of all immigrants in the United States, of which 65 percent have become naturalized U. Statistically, Filipino American women are more likely to marry outside of their ethnicity (38.9 percent) than Filipino American men (17.6 percent); other Asian American populations have lower rates of marrying outside of their race than both Filipino American men and women.The demographics of Filipino Americans describe a heterogeneous group of people in the United States who can trace their ancestry to the Philippines.As of the 2010 Census, there were 3.4 million Filipino Americans, including Multiracial Americans who were part Filipino, with the United States Department of State in 2011 estimating the population at 4 million.

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