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There also are websites that publicly list private web and security cameras that aren’t firmly protected.This week, web-surfers could watch scientists in a lab at UC San Diego, employees talking at a nearby construction company, and the inside of a house filled with musical recording equipment.Better firewalls and anti-virus software can blunt some of these intrusions.But hackers have been successful at making RATS harder to find — a problem that has yet to trigger widespread outrage among computer users, possibly because many people don’t know they’re being spied on.See what sucks, where the accidents are, and what looks good.We’ve merged the automatic camera feeds from Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation and the City of Toronto’s own system to create a single unified vision of Toronto traffic.

“Many of them don’t even realize that these things have cameras and microphones.”Most computer users don’t watch for such threats, choosing to rely on anti-virus programs that can spot and stop most, but not all, malicious software, or malware.Foreign hackers took over the “nanny-cam” of a Minnesota family and posted photos of their baby online.A Temecula man was sent to prison for spying on women through their webcams, and trying to extort a victim with photos he took.TORONTOA man who killed a York University student from China in an attack partly witnessed via webcam has been denied a request for a government-paid lawyer to represent him in an appeal of his conviction.Brian Dickson was found guilty of first-degree murder in April 2014 in the death of Qian Liu, who was living in off-campus housing.

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His victims included Cassidy Wolf, who was Miss Teen USA in 2013.

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