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I explained the movie to my dad and he insisted I do this movie.

Your father just passed away and simultaneously there’s all these amazing blessings that are happening. NIVOLA: My dad died three weeks ago, and it was so emotional leading up to his death in a million different, complicated ways. So by the time I got into New York having graduated from Yale, I’d already done all this Chekov and shit, and Athol Fugard… And a lot of it was that I got seduced by this crowd of guys that were in New York. NIVOLA: For a long time a lot of people thought that because I’d done so many roles with English accents. You were by the fire playing this music on the guitar that was truly badass. NIVOLA: I don’t remember playing the guitar then, but I’m so glad I was! And while I was at Yale I left school a few times and did plays out of town. I’d never really been to England, but it ended up that half of my career was spent over there. HAWKE: When I was directing [Off-Broadway in 2010], I’d dreamed of this production for a long time in my head and I was really excited about it. I forget where my family was, I think everybody was out of town, I didn’t even have a car, I had to ride my bike over there.Then when we were all packing up to leave I saw you and Sam Shepard whispering before he left. In 1949 he moved out to an area in eastern Long Island near Amagansett called the Springs.You took me out onto that balcony to have a cigarette or something and you said, “You’re not gonna believe what Shepard just said. He can really act.'” I don’t think I’ve ever felt better than that day. It became a spot in the ’50s and ‘60s where a lot of abstract impressionist painters and sculptors all moved out of the city and set up their studios.

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